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Why Can’t We Get an H-1 Visa for Our Soccer Coach? 

The fundamental requirement of an H-1 is that the position offered must require at least a Bachelor’s degree or higher, or the equivalent. Note that equivalent means experience which equals a Bachelor’s degree from a university that gives people college credits for work experience. 

The sports coaching profession has many requirements for entry and employment. However, as a profession, a college degree is not required.  This is a rapidly changing legal environment, but nonetheless USCIS has always (almost always) concluded that since there are so many coaches at all levels that do not have specific degrees and, more importantly, there are so many positions that do not require degrees (although this is the one issue which has been changing the most and one day may turn the tide), most coaching positions do not qualify for H-1 status.

For these reasons, most H-1 cases involving college coaches or even professional coaches are rarely approved by USCIS.  We have had several approvals over the years but unfortunately USCIS does not provide an explanation for cases it approves.

Provided by:

David Swaim
David Swaim & Associates, P.C.