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Attention Family and Adoption Law Attorneys!

One of the most perplexing new areas of US immigration law, which for many years was very well-settled, is the requirements of the “Hague Protocols” (HPs) for most US adoptions or adoptions in foreign countries for children that will enter the US as children of permanent resident and US citizen parents.

In addition to being extremely complex, the HPs are not a common area of practice even for family law attorneys.  And, of course, they are less understood by Board-Certified immigration attorneys.

To assist with this problem, the American Immigration Lawyers Association has created a 150-page eBook that explains the interaction between the HPs and US immigration law. It is doubtful if many, if any, immigration attorneys will take the time to educate themselves on these issues, so it is referrals to family-law experts which will govern adoption cases in the future.

If any family lawyers have questions about this interesting, and growing, area of law, or if there are any questions about obtaining the eBook from AILA, please contact David Swaim (