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5 Things to Look for in a Dallas Immigration Lawyer

Finding the best immigration attorney for your needs can be a daunting task, especially knowing where to start. It’s important to know what to look for in order to improve your odds of success, and how to ask the right questions before hiring and placing your future in his or her hands. We strongly recommend using the following criteria in what to look for in a Dallas Immigration Lawyer:

1. They are Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality Law 

Your odds of a successful outcome are increased by choosing an Immigration Attorney that is Board certified. This means he or she has been designated as an expert in his or her field, has at least five years of experience in the field, has received favorable ratings by judges and other Board-Certified Attorneys and has passed a rigorous examination. That is usually an excellent indicator of quality. To verify your attorney’s background and credentials in Texas – go to

2. They Have a Strong Focus on Immigration Law

There are plenty of “jack of all trades” lawyers who add immigration law to his or her list of business, family, criminal, etc., so that he or she can increase their client base but further dilute their expertise. There are also many lawyers who claim to be experts in immigration law but who have little experience or very bad records. At David Swaim & Associates, we have provided an exclusive focus on immigration since 1978.

3. They Give You Realistic Advice 

It’s important when doing research for a Dallas immigration lawyer that they can support and deliver the promises they make along the way. David Swaim & Associates does not accept cases unless there is a clear legal option which gives us a chance to win.

4. They Have Extensive Experience in Immigration Law 

The more cases an immigration firm has seen, the more likely they have seen (and won) a case similar to yours. When a firm navigates multiple aspects of immigration law, they are better equipped as experts to serve, protect, and advocate for future clients. This could include employment cases, cases that focus on individuals such as naturalization, family cases, etc.

5. They Provide Cost and A Written Contract

The lawyer you consult with must use a written contract explaining exactly what the strategy will be for your case. Do not agree to have an attorney represent you that does not provide a written, detailed contract. The cost or fee the lawyer charges should be within the normal range for that type of case in that part of the US. You can easily call different firms and ask for their fee once you know what type of case you have through the consultation process. Since you are only going to give your case to a lawyer who has handled your type of case, that lawyer should know the range of fees for that legal matter. We have a very good understanding of the range of fees for your case since we have represented over 45,000 clients in every area of US immigration law.  

At David Swaim & Associates, we can proudly and confidently fit the criteria listed above. Click here to contact our team of amazing Dallas immigration lawyers. 

David Swaim
Managing Partner
David Swaim & Associates- Dallas, TX